September 22, 2008

What's in a blog...

OK... we've defined what a blog is, the difference between blogs and websites and that blogs will play a crucial role in the district for years to come. So what's in a blog?

There are many blog Widgets that can easily be inserted to give life and personality to your club's or groups blog. The hardest thing is decide on what to include. Remember, appropriate and thoughtful Widgets will increase readership and induce repeat visits.

Here are Widgets that should be included in every club blog:

Feedblitz - enables the reader to subscribe to your articles that get posted. This turns your blog into an electronic newsletter.

A site language translator - Google provides a blog and website translator that works very well. Remember, your blog will be viewed by the world, not just club members. Why not allow the world to see what you're doing?

Links to other blogs and websites.

Other widgets are available through Google such as the video bar and metric sites such as Sitemeter that will give you optional functionality that makes your blog more interesting.

You're only limited by imagination!!

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