September 17, 2008

What's a blog??

Soo... sometimes a restart is required to allow people to grasp a concept. I apologize to those who have been listening to me speak over the months about blogs , what they can do for the District, clubs and groups affiliated with Rotary. In my diligence it appears that my readers don't understand the differences between blogs and websites. Since the differences can be a conceptual it will be easier to describe what a blog is and isn't, so here it goes:

First off a blog is short for Web Log or in layman's terms an electronic diary. An excellent example of a blog in the district is the Merrimack Valley's blog which chronicles events that occur among the membership.

A blog is an ongoing dialog of events, pictures, references and links which are stored in reverse chronological order.

A blog is designed to stimulate a dialog with it's readership. This is opposite of a website which has static information available for download.

Blogs are normally maintained by many authors and readers and allow for comments, websites are maintained typically by a single Webmaster, designed to deliver information only. Comments can only go to the Webmaster, not the site.

Blogs are an intricate part to modern public relations.

Blogs do not require specific knowledge to design, maintain or distribute, whereas Websites do!!

There are many things that blogs are or blogging is. One thing for certain is that a blog is different for every user, topic or objective. The importance of blogs and the rapid pace in which they are growing in usage is undeniable. It's growth is far outpacing Websites and will continue for many years to come.

In a few days I will share my vision of blog networking for the district and how your club can get started with blogging. It's simple, it's fun and it's important for the growth of the District and membership as a whole.


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