September 10, 2007

DG Gregs first official meeting with Assitant Governors

Greg held his first official meeting with this year Assistant Governors. Also in attendance were DGN Klaus Hachfeld and DGE Carol Toomey. The meeting was held Sept 5th at the Westside Grill in Northborough, MA

To date Greg has completed 43 visits and is on track with his objectives for his year as Governor. He expressed his desire to make this years District Conference a real success by having more clubs participate in the event next May.

Klaus made a plea for the Nov. 3rd UN trip in New York City. He's still looking for district Rotarians to take advantage of the event. Klaus also reminded us about the Northeast link conference coming up on Sept. 28th. The event is free to Rotarians but there is a nominal charge for the meals.

Carol gave us an update on the District Public Relations that she's overseeing. The drive is on for new members and general publicity for the district.

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