August 27, 2007

Amazing Years Of Service Records!

Recently this blog reported on a Rotarian in Tallahassee who had accomplished 73 years in a row without missing a meeting. The question was then asked, "who holds the record for the most consecutive years in the District without missing a meeting? "

Here are two people who certainly could claim that title.
Leonard White
Leonard White of the Auburn Rotary Club joined the Club in 1944. And still has perfect attendance. That is 63 yeas without missing a meeting!

Bob Mead
Bob Mead join the Bedford Rotary Club in 1957 and has never missed a meeting. That is an amazing 50 years without missing a meeting.

We are not certain if these are the record holders in the District. But whether they are or not, they deserve a standing round of applause!!!! If anyone knows anyone in the District with a longer record, please let us know!

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