June 9, 2007

Antiques Night Was That And More!

The Merrimack Valley Rotary Antiques Appraisal Night was a night full of surprises and entertainment!

And who would have thought that of an antiques show!
There was the painting that was worth $30- $50 thousand. Then there was the music box that still played when you inserted a penny. The value of that box came in at over $5,000. But there was also the entertainer and very knowledgable Skinner Appraiser Stuart Whitehurst, who keep the crowd anxiously awaiting his comments on the next item. Stuart was recognizable by many people as he is one of the hosts of PBS's Antiques Road Show.

"If I tell you that it is cute, you will know it has no value, " he told the crowd. And everyone hoped that their item was not "cute." But there were some "cute" items there and the owners seemed thankful to know that what they thought was a gem was just a stone.

Then, there was his lesson on clocks. Most clocks are not clocks, they are time pieces he explained. "A clock has to have a chime to be a clock." Stuart said.

The crowd was entertained prior to the show by the music of local talent Fred Lospennato of the Strolling Serenades. http://www.strollingserenades.com
Overall, it was a very popular night...and the Merrimack Valley Rotary is planning on doing it again, next year. For more information on the Rotary write to MVRotary@gmail.com

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