April 5, 2009

Ning Group.... What's that?

We've created a Ning Group for District 7910 so.... What's a Ning group??

A Ning group is very similar to a Facebook account, only it's specific to a group. It's a way to connect with other members in the District to hear about events, share ideas, foster fellowship and a whole bunch of other great stuff.

If you haven't recieved an invite to join just click here to request membership. You'll need to be in District 7910 to join and at the moment I hold the only key. You can also find the link in the sidebar listed as District 7910 Ning group. Join today to see what's going on in your District.

1 comment:

Rotary Club of Montego Bay said...

hmmm...haven't heard about "Ning" before. Must go check it out! :)