February 7, 2009

Merrimack Valley Rotary Club To Sponsor Job Hunting TV Show

The Merrmack Valley Rotary is sponsoring and creating a television show to help people who are unemployed find work.The show will be manned by people who are unemployed and will feature experts in the job hunting process giving valuable tips on the challenges that the unemployed face.

The show will also give individuals who are unemployed the opportunity to give a 30 second free commercial about themselves in the hopes that an employer will find them and hire them.

The show will be taped locally and will be shared with cable stations throughout the area. There will be two half hour shows each month that will be aired several times throughout the month.
Shown is a picture from the first planning session at the Chelmsford TV studio, where the show will be produced. Matt Scott, station manager, is shown giving the crew an overview of TV show production.

For more information contact mvrotary@gmail.com.

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