November 19, 2008

Blog presentations

Dan LeBlanc and Ken Masson of the Merrimack Valley club will be putting together a presentation for clubs interested in developing their own club blog and connecting to the district. We will be rolling the presentation out to neighboring clubs in December.

If you would like us to visit as a speaker, please contact us via the district website. If you have WiFi access we can give you a live demonstration of blogs and possibly help your club develop it on the spot.


Anonymous said...

A District Blog is a great idea! I'm talking it up at District 5010.
Our District encompasses 11 time zones including Russia Far East and Yukon Territory,Canada.

Merrimack Valley Rotary Club said...

It's nice to see someone with the same vision. Our vision is for every club to have thier own blog which has links to neighboring clubs and to the district blog. Creating an international network across Rotary.

Do you have your own club blog?