July 21, 2008

District Technology team virtually meets again...

The usual cast of characters met again to continue the discussions about advancing the communication technologies of the district.

The meeting started on the topic of improving the registration issues and better utilizing Club Runner to handle the cash flow. The discussion included using Paypal to minimize the paper transactions and District follow up on overdue balances. The registration forms would need to be kept simple since modifications would be expensive to modify. Decision was made to implement Paypal on the District site for registration.

Steve Von Lichtenberg is working to update the District membership database. Many of the member emails are not yet listed on the District website club sections. If the members took care of their own information updates the task could be completed in short order. Some members are still having issues logging into Club Runner, others feel it's the club Secretary's role. This has been a challenge across the District for years. These updates will enable an accurate District membership directory going forward.

A breif discussion ensued about the value of LinkedIn and Facebook. Social networking will benefit the District in the short term and a LinkedIn group has been created to help District members connect. Check out District 7910 on LinkedIn groups to join. Blogs will play an increasing role in the District technology plan. Education through webinars and possible the District assembly will be given to help publicize the clubs of the District.

Next virtual meeting will be in 3 weeks.

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