December 1, 2007

MVR's Carl Good Heads To Bangladesh

Best of luck to Merrimack Valley Rotary member Carl Good, who is leaving with 17 Rotarians from the United States, Canada and Europe to Bangladesh on December 3. He will be in Bangladesh for two weeks immunizing for polio in that area. This project is funded by each individual and they will be staying with other Rotarians in the area to help defray costs.
Eradicatin of Polio is one of Rotary International's major projects and Bangladesh is one of the last area's in the world were cases of polio still exist.
The four countries including Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are still considered polio-endemic.
Two hundred and ten countries, territories and areas are now polio-free (including China), and 134 of these, which contain half the world’s population, have been certified polio-free by independent commissions.
Our hopes and prayers are with Carl and the other Rotarians who are taking on this important mission.
May it be a tremendous success!

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