July 11, 2007

Blog Visitors On The Rise

Well, since starting this blog we've spanned the globe with readers. If you haven't seen the Site Meter at the bottom of the page it's worth viewing. To date we've had vistors from Japan, Switzerland, the UK, Norway, Turkey, India, France, Brazil, Argentina and a host of States right here at home. My wish is that we generate more stories from our own district in the form of club posts. It's really exciting to see how far news about our district travels on the internet.

New to blogging - it's easy. All you need to do is send me an email if you're a local Rotarian and I'll send you an invite to become an author. After that, it's as simple as logging in and making a post about your club or district. The world wants to hear from your club, why not blog something today??

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