April 14, 2007


Vincent Borkowski, a member of the Southborough Rotary Club, recently met with the Merrimack Valley Rotary to discuss the importance of designing an ongoing and successful new member program.

Borkowski’s past experience includes working as staff member and regional officer of a national college fraternity. In this capacity,
he was responsible for training chapters in the management of their organization and new member recruitment.

One of his points, in his presentation to the Merrimack Valley Rotary, was that not having a good recruiting program would grow inactive membership. However, his key point was how to identify and communicate with a perspective member, and how to address their objections, thereby opening the door for Rotary membership.

In addition to understanding the methods of communication, he also spoke about finding hot pockets in order meet people and promote the Rotary. One important hot pocket he talked about was Town Meeting. He mentioned the fact that people who take the time to attend Town Meeting are also the type of people who will consider joining the Rotary.

Borkowski’s presentation to the Merrimack Valley Rotary was an abbreviated program, however it typically runs one day. For more information contact MVRotary@gmail.com

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